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Motive of Unique Webers

Most web hosts offer large hosting packages with disk space of 1GB or more which costs a lot. But in most cases a properly coded website only requires 10MB to 100MB. So we are providing small hosting packages with disk space of 50MB to 100MB for new emerging business companies. We also provide large hosting packages with disk space of 2GB or more for large established companies.

There are many website designers who can design dazzling websites but in most cases those websites are very slow which takes a lot of time to load because they are designed using third party softwares which contains a lot of irrelevant coding. We are destined to produce fast loading websites by proper HTML, CSS and PHP coding.

We are aimed to create appropriate customized website for your business and products concerning about the type of customers you aim for to achieve your online success.

Our Special Features are:

  • Complete Web development solution
  • 100% Original Designing
  • Proper XHTML, CSS and PHP coding
  • Fast loading website development
  • Lowest Rates Website hosting Available in Bangladesh
  • Freedom of changing Domain DNS using WHM panel
  • Customer targeted SEO
  • Punctual Service
  • 24 hour Technical Support

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