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Why websites needs maintenance?

The content on websites is getting older everyday. Visitors and search engines prefer to visit updated websites where content is added on a regular basis. Websites needs regular maintenance like updating of content and graphics, keeping the web site current to showcase latest products and services that your business offer, communicate changes in your company, etc. So websites needs to be maintained continuously.


Features of Our Maintenance Services:
  • We provide complete backup of your website.
  • We perform professional editing so that your web site maintains its quality.
  • We update the codes so that your website meets the demand of time.

We provide 6 month free maintenance services to our clients for each new Animated or Dynamic website.



The Unique Webers team is bound to provide unique and outstanding maintenance services. We can improve and modify your website and databases if necessary to meet up the demand of the time. We also provide 6 month free maintenance services to our clients for each new website. We also provide maintenance to websites developed by other web designers. We also provide development consulting and technical support to our client seeking our maintenance service.

Our Maintenance Services include:
  • HTML Coding and Textual Updates
  • Digital Graphics Design (JPEG, GIF, PNG)
  • PHP Programming / Script Customization
  • MySQL Database Development
  • Testing and Reporting
  • Development Consulting and Support

Charges for Monthly Maintenance Services
Service Monthly cost per Page
Weekly Monitoring and Reporting 50 BDT
Weekly Monitoring, Reporting and Editing 100 BDT
Daily Monitoring and Reporting 1000 BDT
Daily Monitoring, Reporting and Editing 2000 BDT

The Charges for One Time Maintenance Service are negotiable.