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Starting Plan (50 MB)
Emerging Plan (100 MB)
Prospering Plan (200 MB)
Flourishing Plan (500 MB)
Enterprise Plan (1 GB)
Corporate Plan (2 GB)
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Why Choose Our Webhosting Plans ?

Most web hosts offer large hosting packages with disk space of 1GB or more which costs a lot. But in most cases a properly coded website only requires 10MB to 100MB. So we are providing small hosting packages with disk space of 50 MB (Starting Plan) or 100 MB (Emerging Plan) for new emerging business companies. We have medium plans of 200 MB (Prospering Plan) or 500 MB (Flourishing Plan). We also provide large hosting packages with disk space of 1 GB (Enterprise Plan) or 2 GB (Corporate Plan) for large established companies. Thus we are the most convinient choice for your online success.

Website Hosting Bangladesh

Unique Webers Web Hosting

Unique Webers are bringing a new era in Website Hosting in Bangladesh. We are providing the most customized services available in Bangladesh. Unique Webers have customizes hosting plans for business corporations and enterprises, flourishing and prospering business companies, emerging business companies and also for personal users. Our hosting plans starts from 50MB and extends up to 2GB or more.

Unique Webers Web Hosting

We provide individual C panel for each client and huge number of ftp panels for each account. Our Web hosting supports PHP, Mysql, Perl Ruby on Rails etc efficiently. Our C Panel has English, French, Spanish, Bengali, Bulgarian, Russian, German, Hindi, Chinese and 18 other language supports. Unique Webers are giving 4,500 Free Website Templates with each hosting account which can be a treasure chest for a web master.

We dream that the IT sector of Bangladesh will reach its full potential and Bangladeshies will become the leading web designers of the world. But we the Unique Webers are not sitting around with our dreams. Unique Webers are working hard to provide excellence to our clients in case of Website Hosting in Bangladesh so that Bangladeshies web developers can use the latest and most advanced Web server technology to get optimum results. Like many others we won’t say that we are the best in the business but we will definitely say that we are one of the best. And we are good at what we do and we really know what we are doing. So, we believe that we are able to provide the best and most continent Website Hosting in Bangladesh to our clients. Thus we believe that with our quality services we Unique Webers thus will achieve a leading position in the web development industry.